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anaudia, aphasia, aphonia, asininity, blockishness, boobishness, boorishness, bovinity, brevity, briefness, brusqueness, cloddishness, conciseness, crassness, crudeness, curtness, deaf-muteness, denseness, density, dim-wittedness, dimness, doltishness, dull-wittedness, dullardism, dullness, duncery, economy of words, grossness, hebetude, inarticulateness, laconicalness, laconism, lethargy, loutishness, lumpishness, muteness, mutism, ninnyism, oafdom, oafishness, obmutescence, obtuseness, opacity, pauciloquy, quietness, quietude, shortness, silence, simpletonianism, slowness, sluggishness, sottishness, sparingness of words, speechlessness, stolidity, stupidity, taciturnity, terseness, thick-headedness, thick-wittedness, tonguelessness, unloquaciousness, untalkativeness, unteachability, voicelessness, wordlessness, wrongheadedness, yokelism

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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